LABISAN protective

is a special cream for your lips. It takes care of your lips and protects them in every kind of weather.

is the professional lip protection for all outdoor sports freaks. You need complete
sun protection (UV protection) for your lips not only while skiing and mountain-climbing
but also during endurance sports like biking, Nordic walking or golf. During these activities Labisan® protective protects the sensitive region of your lips and the area around them from
wind and weather.
Since water and snow are reflectors, they are especially hazardous for your sensitive lips.
Here you need optimum protection. No matter whether you’re on the golf course, on
mountains or at the seaside – Labisan® should always be part of your equipment.

The composition and texture of Labisan® are such that it takes care of your lips in an
optimum way. It protects your lips from UV radiation and the extreme climatic conditions
that prevail in high mountains and at the seaside.

is available in rosé (skin colour) and white.

is a cosmetic. It is sold in many outlets, including sports shops, pharmacies and drug stores