proved successful Starting with the Austrian Caucasus expedition in 1931
has accompanied innumerable expeditions to mountain tops and even the
Sahara desert. The large number of Himalayan reports are especially impressive. For
the first ascent of the
Everest in 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary was equipped with
by an English Labisan® representative named Lawrie. Since this time Labisan® has been
on the Mount Everest
several times; it was also a part of Hermann Buhl’s equipment during
his first ascent of the Nanga Parbat. In their expedition reports the climbers describe
Labisan as a part of their glorious achievement:

Annapurna 1985
First ascent of the 4000-meter-high north-western wall of the Annapurna (8091) with
Reinhold Messner.

[1] Reinhold Messner with his team, [2] Luggi Rieser with Labisan®

Dhaulagiri 1995
Successful ascent of the Dhaulagiri, equipped with Labisan®!
 [1] Theo Fritsche and Roland Mattle on the Dhaulagiri peak, 8167m [2] Labisan® was
ys a part of the equipment

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Makalu 1998
The Vorarlberg expedition to the Makalu led by Theo Fritsche had bad luck – due to bad
weather the expedition was unable to reach the peak.
 [1] On the way to the camp – at 6600m [2] Labisan® and the 8463-meter high Makalu

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